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2017 Supply full range of silver powder products to fulfill the demand of green energy, solar cell, electronic component, and optoelectronic component industrial applications.
2015 Based on AG PRO’s core technology, we continue improving our products for reaching the high photoelectric conversion efficiency in solar cell.
2014 Participate in the 7th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo in Japan, and have a product conference of the new material/new technology of copper paste applied for photovoltaic cell.
The Chemical Daily published : AG PRO copper metallization paste has been applied for solar cell module.
2013 First trial- AG PRO's front copper metallization paste was developed successfully for crystalline silicon solar cell module (156*156 @4*9).
2012 New developing material- AG PRO's rear PV copper metallization paste was developed for crystalline silicon solar cell. The conversion efficiency of copper paste is the same with silver paste.
2011 AG PRO NANKE BRANCH was established.
2010 Qualified as "Ministry of Economic Affairs Emerging, Important and Strategic Industries", 5-year Tax Holidays are Available.
(1) The silver-aluminum paste of photovoltaic cell
(2) Low dielectric value of integrated circuit packaging material
2008 Verified by National Science Council, and awarded with Science Industry Qualifications. AG PRO was the first manufacturer that be approved to stationed at Science Park to produce silver-aluminum paste for solar cell.
2007 AG PRO awarded with "The 14th Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Award"- PV Sliver Paste, PV Silver-Aluminum Paste and PV Aluminum Paste.
2006 AG PRO stationed in the SME Incubator at Tainan Science Park, and dedicated ourselves to R & D on copper powder and precious metal powder of under 100nm production.
2003 The first supplier to apply lead free silver powders and paste in semiconductor ceramic capacitor.
2002 AG PRO started to do R&D on copper powder and copper paste.
  Awarded with "2002 Chinese Yearly Excellent Achievement Golden Torch Award " for the silver powder and electron conductive paste.
1991 AG PRO is the only and the first Taiwan supplier of silver powder applied to zinc-silver battery of national defense weapon.
1990 AG PRO Industrial Company was established.


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